Vision & Goals


  • Retreats in the wilderness that support the recognition of awareness in truth.
  • Sailing adventures, instruction, coaching and mentoring on a 40-foot sailboat, outfitted for up to 6 people comfortably.
  • Royal Yachting Association (RYA) standards providing framework for instruction.
  • Recreational Boating School (RBS) standards from Transport Canada providing regulatory obligations to operate vessels under 15 gross metres and 15 gross tonnes.
  • Adventures supported by home base on Quadra Island.


  1. To complete S/V Foot Loose and to Rename by Summer 2021
  2. To pursue and complete yachmaster theory course over winter 2020/21
  3. To develop RBS standards for Expeditions for Life by 2022.
  4. To identify first potential clients and demographics by spring 2021
  5. To acquire all necessary safety equipment as laid out by TP 15136
  6. To acquire appropriately sized tending vessel (capacity 6)
  7. To design and implement first program by spring 2022.