Summer Sailing Expedition for Youth

Sea Otters Ocean Adventure Program (Ages 10 to 15)

SEA Otters is about discovering self reliance and a thirst for adventure in a fun packed team experience near the ocean’s inter-tidal zone. Derek helps kids between the ages of 10 to 15 orient with the elements of nature and become connected with the sea, each other and themselves. Sea Otters offers a rite of passage in becoming a practical seafarer, team player and leader.

2019 Program Dates:

Session 1: July 15th to 19th

Session 2: July 22nd to 26th


  • Day 1 (Ropes, Knots & Raft Building at Rebecca Spit), Monday 10 to 3.
  • Day 2 (Wind, Waves, Oars and Sails at Rebecca Spit), Tuesday 10 to 3
  • Day 3 (Navigation and Safety on land at Rebecca Spit), Wednesday 10 to 3
  • Day 4 (Sailing, location TBD), Thursday 10 to 3 – Group A (3 participants)
  • Day 5 (Sailing, location TBD), Friday 10 to 3 – Group B (3 participants)

To Apply: Registration is currently not open for Sea-Otters Ocean Adventure Program. Contact office admin at 250-285-2571 or email for more information.