Nature's Intended Journey

The primary goal of Expeditions for Life is to re-ignite the burning ember within and to fan the flames of individual passions and gifts. Expeditions for Life awakens the awareness and wisdom that lies at the bedrock of everyone’s inner-wilderness. Join the adventure and unlock the potential to live in right relation with nature, each other and Self.

Holding the Container

Travelling together as a tribe gives opportunity for deepening primary attachment relationships.

Our mentors and guides hold a container for connection. Our approach is to facilitate experiences that support each individual’s journey of Self-discovery in relationship with whatever life presents along the way.

Using an ancient mentoring style, allowing facilitators to become essentially invisible, you are supported to discover your own natural curiosities and confidence in nature. A greater awareness in the web of life unfolds as we gently explore the natural landscapes and marine environments together.

“Nature has the lead role in the process of maturation and growing up. Parents and nature are a team. But nature can’t go on without the parental role of fostering individuality unless the attachment needs are fully met.”

– Gordon Neufeld, PHD

Wilderness Adventures

Expeditions for Life facilitates wilderness adventures for multi-age groups by providing training and mentoring in the core skills and routines for connecting deeply with nature. We utilize and model a wide range of skills on a day to day bases from camp craft to cooking, tracking to wild foraging, leadership to compassionate communication, practical seamanship to navigation and many more. Our learning happens in every experience and in every moment.

Practical Skills and Self-Reliance

The Sailing Ship ‘Foot Loose’ getting upgrades to the Fuel System.

Expeditions for Life utilize a variety of water-craft and equipment along with partnerships with other wilderness outfitters, organizations and affiliates as needed. EFL’s core crew practices self reliance by modelling skills of competency in every endeavor, serving the wider mentoring community. We make every effort to utilize locally available and locally crafted resources as well as renewable energy sources over mainstream fossil fuels and plastics consumption. Our vessels use solar, wind and waste vegetable oils technologies to harness the earth’s available surface energy.

The Way of Nature

Nature has its way of arranging every experience to help us reveal more of our true Self.  Day and night, birth and death, summer to winter, young to old, growth and decay. With the growth of Awareness in Nature, we get a glimpse of the inner workings of consciousness.

This discovery is like finding our inner compass that we learn to use for directing our attention back towards what is true, what is simple, what is real. We begin to realize that nature is within us, guiding us through life’s experiences, working invisibly to align our minds and hearts with Nature’s intended journey.

Natural Curiosity and Passion

Deep down, we are all led by natural curiosity to discover our unique expressions and gifts.  Uncovering this truth can be one of the greatest challenges in modern day society.  In recognizing those natural curiosities we can then begin to fan the flames of those inner-child passions letting unique gifts come to light .

Wether young or old, this inner-child wants to be seen and heard in a healthy cultural context. By reawakening these child passions at any age, we can reinstate resilience in all our relations right from within our families to the entire human community. Just look at some of the greats who have left an important imprint on humanity. They all have one thing in common. The passion of a child!

The Heart of Mentoring

The Heart of Mentoring is opposite to the education style most of us grew up with in modern day societies. Rather than presenting a curriculum and trying to mold people to fit the information, a natural mentoring style meets each person where they’re at in the context of nature. Then, it is about discovering the limit of their abilities, their awareness, their comfort zone, and gently – invisibly – coaxing them beyond the edge of what they know into the greater mystery of not knowing, but becoming.

A good Mentor goes invisibly about their work!

We use the same powerful and proven practices of our wild ancestors, to inspire and awaken others into a healthy, vital and passionate relationship with all life. These practices include storytelling, artful questioning, awareness games and a whole slew of fun activities and games designed to nurture greater awareness.

There is no forced effort, coercion or concentration. It can even appear as though nothing is happening. This invisible mentoring style actually speeds up the flow and rhythm of meaningful interactions with the surrounding environment. Inspiration, curiosity and passion begin to arise from within along with a natural desire to discover more of what life has to offer.

This invisible mentoring fosters an inner sense of possibility, holding a container for greater awareness to be realized. Inner armouring dissolves as individuals begin to open up to life, stepping more fully into the truth of who they are.

Why Know Coyote?

Mentoring is like the Coyote in the wilderness. Nearly invisible, almost always a trickster. Our approach to mentoring is always to pay attention to the indicators of the child’s awareness, and to build on their natural curiosities, helping fan the flames of their own passion to go deeper in their discoveries of nature and themselves.

VOLUNTEERING: We welcome parents to participate as volunteers and to get involved in the process of connecting with nature, each other, and themselves. Raising healthy, happy and caring children in the world requires all of us to work together, to foster connection and to heal our relationships with each other and the earth.