Do These 4 Elements Speak to You?

If So, Here’s the What, Why, Where, When and How.

The What? and the Why?

This community of like minds and hearts comes together in nature to enjoy wilderness adventures that nourish the soul. The purpose of these expeditions is to provide a wheel so that each individual can act as a spoke, like in a bicycle wheel, to bring harmony and balance to the group. Attention is given to four cornerstones that provide the foundation for every Expedition for Life. Wild & Thrive, Skill & Competence, Community & Love, Awareness & Self. The world is waking up and this crew is venturing forth to awaken Wild and Free in the pure heart of Being.

The How? the When? and the Where?

How? If you feel that you have a valuable skill set to support the crew of Expeditions for Life and haven’t already connected with one of the directors, please don’t hesitate to reach out by email or phone to express your interest in contributing. You can visit the Contact Us page. Or feel free to attend one of our free events in the Discovery Islands area. All are welcome!

When? Since we all know there is only NOW, if you feel authentically drawn to be part of Expeditions for Life, don’t hesitate. Just do it. Awakening in nature is for everyone. It takes a community of individuals on the journey of nature connection to heal and help each other realize our unique gifts and true selves.

Where? Currently, we are launching programs in the Discovery Islands region of North-Central Vancouver Island in the Salish Sea. Campbell River is the primary city from which we base our outreach programs and Quadra Island provides our main water access for ocean programs and longer expeditions.

Still feel moved to connect? Contact us here.