Why Explore Nature in a Bigger Way?

We can go outside to recreate but miss the connection altogether. The purpose of the human life is to merge with the One-ness, that is the invisible root of interconnectedness. When nature is approached with humility and openness, its pure state is received. True Nature does not throw up any resistance, any imperfections, any illusions. It is an expression of the raw state of the universe, which is always true.

There are so many benefits to abiding in nature in this simple way. Here is a simple list to contemplate. What resonates with you?

  • Energetic aliveness.
  • Mental clarity.
  • Enhanced intuitive abilities.
  • Humility and a true sense of vulnerability.
  • Reverence and gratitude, and a sense of oneness with ‘other’ life forms.
  • Improved social responsiveness and compassion for others’ suffering and joyful experiences.
  • Deeper sense of purpose in the simplicity of life.
  • Greater access to spontaneous, natural healing.
  • Unity with the gifts of others, teachings from humility.
  • Natural re-alignment with your original instructions.
  • Inspiration of life force and Motivation to carry out unique passions and creativity.
  • Movement to care and empathy for all beings and the earth.
  • Increased physical strength, flexibility and circulation of blood and oxygen through the entire body and brain.

So what’s stopping you from exploring nature in a bigger way? Can you make a list of all the reasons stopping you from expanding your edges in nature, and then simply light it on fire? Your true nature is to expand into the fullness of awareness, so just trusting in this. Whatever is being noticed, is in fact your edge. So notice it fully and you will dissolve those boundaries to find yourself free to be yourself in Nature, as Nature. There you may find yourself dancing outside in a very Big way.

Begining with the Rite of Passage

If the ultimate freedom is to recognize the simple truth in nature, then where is the invitation for this?

We are always welcome to consider the possibility of deepening our awareness beyond the “apparent” reality. In true reality, this is how all our most intimate connections are discovered. Hence, “All are my relations”.

Although it is not a requirement for anyone, One may choose at any time to wake up the sense of a separate individual upon which this rediscovery of One’s true self can be made.

In traditional indigenous cultures around the world (all our ancestors), there would come a time in a person’s life that this realization would be ushered in through a ceremonious passage out of the immature state and into the state of clear seeing. Jon young shares a volume of story telling on these cultural indigenous attributes of connection called “Seeing through Native Eyes”.

In our journey towards wholeness and interconnectedness with nature, we offer the possibility of a rite of passage into the state of clear seeing through an organic process of coming together in nature, practicing a set of experiential core routines, with a lead-in to a supported severance from that community into the solo state of clear recognition, or the realization of One’s natural state.