In order to fully live, we challenge the conditioned habit to flee from our inner experience. Being in the wilderness can help us to fully engage with this awareness of Self. It can also help us to sacrifice the notion that there is somewhere to be, besides here and now. Together, we combine the practice of core routines for connecting with nature, practical life skills, and coming together in community to fully realize what it means to be a human being on this earth.

Recognizing true nature

True nature is the body of awareness where all is welcomed, all is recognized, all is One. In the pristine wilderness, when we allow ourselves to be immersed in this abiding awareness, we begin to recognize that whatever arises in the mind and body that feels to be separate from the source of life, can begin to dissolve into a sense of Oneness. This true mirroring of the wilderness within acts like a fire that can gently (or intensely) purify what is not aligned with clear seeing.

Our preparations for the realization of this inner truth may include different practices that support the recognition of your inner inner awareness as the One Awareness.

  • Gentle Walks or Hiking.
  • Silent Sitting or Meditation.
  • Gratitude and Sharing Circles.
  • Nature Connection Core Routines.
  • Ceremony, Rites and a call for Reverence.

Nothing is excluded from Being. The purpose here is to deepen into the remembering of all the elements that make up your true Nature within.

“Gather together in nature, go have an experience, come back and tell someone about it.

”Jon Young – Project 512